Llama Drama Card Game

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This game is really fun and can get petty real quick! It doesn’t take long to get a handle on the game, and each round goes by quick. Highly recommend for both kids and adults, it’s definitely a must-have in any game collection!


Llama Lovers will enjoy this game. In fact, Unless you HATE llamas you will enjoy this game. And if you hate llamas there is something wrong with you.
Our family has had fun with this game. We are already llama enthusiasts and card game enthusiasts so we had to try Llama Drama.

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Absolutely love this card game. This is our new favorite for family game night. The rules make it easy to pick up quickly and to introduce new players. Games typically last 5 - 15 minutes and include enough strategy and chance to be great fun. I took it along when we went out with a group of middle and high schoolers and they loved it as well. You can't go wrong buying this card game!